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How we ensure safety for patients and staff

Due to the current surge in delta variant cases and deaths, both masks and proof of Vaccination for COVID 19 required for in person doctor visits

Due to high case rates both nationally and in Pierce county, we are taking extra precautions to protect staff and other patients. This includes requiring masks for everyone entering the clinic, screening questions and temperature checks before visits and requiring proof of vaccination for in person visits. We continue to offer telephone consultations when and where appropriate for those who do not meet requirements or who choose to limit public exposure for personal reasons.

Despite widespread erroneous claims on the internet, vaccination does reduce risk for severe illness and death due to COVID. In fact right now, 99% of all COVID deaths are in unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die of COVID than those who are vaccinated. Although vaccines don’t prevent ALL infections, a trio of studies from the CDC show that current vaccines reduce hospitalizations by 86%. Even if a vaccinated person does get COVID, their illness tends to be milder and briefer, and they shed viral particles for a shorter duration.

We believe that protecting public health requires all of us working together to reduce risk, despite inconvenience. Small inconveniences don’t compare to needless severe hospitalizations and deaths. Taking precautions also helps protect very young children who cannot yet be vaccinated as well as the elderly and those with other underlying health conditions.

The current vaccines do show protection against the current variants and are available to everyone at no cost. For those with concerns about the new mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), the J&J vaccine is made in the traditional manner of previous vaccines such as the annual flu vaccine.

To find places to get vaccinated go to . Just enter your zip code and the website will show locations near you offering vaccinations.

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